Mahoning County Auditor
Mahoning County Auditor
Ralph T Meacham, CPA
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Land TypeAcresSquare Ft.Actual FrontageEff. FrontageDepthNo Of UnitsValue
S1Primary Site3.01000131116.00000 .000000$590,020

No CAUV Land On This Property
IMPR TypeDescriptionAreaLengthWidthYear Built
AdditionBasic Structure Cost280 SQ FT
AdditionSuperstructure132 SQ FT
AdditionSuperstructure576 SQ FT
AdditionSuperstructure360 SQ FT
AdditionSuperstructure1530 SQ FT
AdditionSuperstructure2100 SQ FT
AdditionSuperstructure1155 SQ FT
Other ImprovementFencing345001972
Other ImprovementFencing1280001985
Other ImprovementPaving Asphalt50000001995

Property Sketch and Photos -- Card 1
Property Sketch
Sketch of Parcel
Last Updated: 2/23/2024